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Internship Program

2022 Internship Reflection 

By MJ Atayi 

My time working for the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table as their organizing intern has been such an informative and wonderful experience. I came in knowing almost nothing about how non-profits worked, and The Table gave me the opportunity to learn all sorts of information. I learned about Grassroots Advocacy, Get Out the Vote, Ballot Initiatives, and so much more. I was taught and supported by many kind and intelligent people.

The Table gave me the opportunity to learn about other non-profits in Nebraska and their goals. I got to partner with inCOMMON to table at their block party, which was amazing. I gave learned more about the Voter Registration process and then helped to give presentations, even doing a couple by myself. I was allowed to develop my public speaking and organizational skills.

My favorite experiences were participating in the podcast Seat at the Nebraska Table and planning National Voter Registration Day at UNO with their Civic Engagement Council. I had always been interested in creating a podcast and being encouraged to participate meant everything to me. I even got to host an episode on poetry and civic engagement, the former of which I have always been passionate about. Seeing how the two could be combined was amazing. I got to combine worlds. I will forever value the time I had at the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table.

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