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Internship Program

2022-2023 Internship Experience

By Zoe Miller 

Working for the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table has been more than an informative experience for me. Not being a communications or marketing major, I had no idea if this internship would be the right fit for me but reflecting on this past year, I have been in spaces where I have learned so much about comms work, relationship building, and policy and procedures within the Nebraska Legislature. 


When I first started at the Table in June, I was introduced to spaces relating to GOTV and ballot initiatives for both Raise the Wage and against voter ID. Along the way, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how comms and policy are interconnected; without comms, policy doesn’t serve the people! Later into my internship, it was election season and I was able to further develop my skills in social media creation through the use of office explainers on the ballot.


As the legislative session began, I was able to take the skills I have learned from the Table into the classroom and my extracurriculars to teach my peers what the Nebraska Legislature even is. I truly appreciated all those who I met during my time at the Table including the wonderful staff members, those from member and partner organizations, and Nebraskans who I interacted with in the community.

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