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Direct Democracy

The Nebraska Table is proud to be in coalition with community leaders, nonprofits, and experts across our state working on ballot initiative campaigns that protect the freedoms of everyday Nebraskans. Through our collaborative efforts rooted in the vision for a state where communities are valued, supported, and thriving, we’re fighting for change through direct democracy. Learn more below about the campaigns that the Nebraska Table is involved with. 


Paid Sick Leave for Nebraskans - This ballot initiative would ensure that working Nebraskans can earn paid time off work to care for their health and that of their families. Paid Sick Leave for Nebraskans is collecting signatures to get on the November 2024 ballot. 


Support Our Schools Nebraska - Public schools serve 9 out of 10 students in Nebraska and do not discriminate against any child’s enrollment. This referendum aims to protect our public schools from tax schemes so that all Nebraska children can thrive. This issue is confirmed to be on the November 2024 ballot; stay tuned for details. 


Protect Our Rights - Nebraskans have the right to make their own decision on abortion care in a way that prioritizes compassion and privacy, without any interference from the government. This ballot initiative would enshrine the right to abortion in the Nebraska State Constitution. Protect Our Rights is collecting signatures to get on the November 2024 ballot. 


What is a ballot initiative?

A ballot initiative is a citizen-initiated effort to change a state law or amend the state constitution and put it forth for a vote by the people.


How many signatures are required to get an issue on the ballot?

Nebraska requires verified signatures from 7% of all registered voters in the state, or about 90,000 signatures at the present time. Statewide, signatures are required from 5% of voters in 38 out of 93 counties. 


What is a referendum?

A referendum is a citizen-initiated effort to repeal a law that the Legislature has recently passed.


By when do signatures have to be collected?

Each campaign may face unique deadlines. For active ballot initiative campaigns in the state of Nebraska, signatures must be turned in by July 3rd, 2024.


How do I learn more and get involved?

You can learn more about individual campaign involvement opportunities and where to sign petitions on their respective websites. You can also reach out to our team by emailing to learn more about the Nebraska Table’s efforts in the direct democracy space. 

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