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Dear Friends,

Today in Omaha and across the nation, Black communities are in pain. That pain is deepened by the loss of James Scurlock, a young Black man who was murdered by a white man during Saturday’s protests in Omaha. Today, the Douglas County Attorney announced there would be no charges – a choice that denies justice to the victim, his family, and his community.

The killing of James Scurlock, like the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Tony McDade before him, is the direct result of the white supremacy that has put Black lives at risk of death and harm since this country was founded.

We stand in demanding justice for James Scurlock. We acknowledge and affirm that Black Lives Matter, and the righteous rage against white supremacy that is being demonstrated locally and in cities nationwide. These protests and demonstrations are a rebellion against white supremacy, racialized capitalism, a democracy that isn’t working, and continued oppression and murder.

At the Table and as a network, our work is to collaboratively, strategically, and intentionally fight for a multiracial democracy where Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color can live and thrive in full dignity and power. 

In these times, and always, we at the Table take our cues from the Black leaders on our own staff and within our local and national networks. Leaders on the ground are the experts, and we at the Table will continue to offer strategic and tactical support for community and grassroots organizers. 

We also encourage you to support and invest in organizations that are actively engaging in anti-racist work. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

For white readers, please remember to check in on Black colleagues, friends, and family members; follow their lead; and lend tangible support and space for rest and self-care. 

Thank you,

The Nebraska Civic Engagement Table

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