Executive Director Transition Announcement

It is with great pride and not a small amount of heartache that the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table announces the departure of our founding Executive Director, Zack Burgin. During his five-year tenure as NCET’s Executive Director, Zack has successfully led a growing and powerful network of nonprofit members and expanded our talented and tight-knit staff from one to eleven staff members spanning four departments. Zack’s leadership, vision, and floral ties will be greatly missed by the staff and the network, while his terrible puns will be less so.

What now?

For us:

As of March 18, 2021, Zack is stepping down as Executive Director. Angie Remington, currently Deputy Director, has been named Interim Executive Director during the transition period. Angie has been with NCET since our launch in 2016. She has worked alongside Zack and our board of directors to nurture a talented and dedicated team, to build a strong organizational infrastructure, and to center our core values of racial equity and cultural inclusion. 

With the leadership of our dedicated and thoughtful board, NCET will begin the process of filling the role. As we write NCET's next chapter together, we will continue to center leadership that looks like our communities as part of our longstanding work of dismantling white supremacist practices. This process could take time. We honor the thoughtfulness and intentionality of all involved during this transition.

For our members & partners:

Our members and the vital work they do continue to be our #1 priority at NCET. Rest assured that there will be no change in access to NCET’s services and tools. These will continue to be available as always, and our network will continue to be updated throughout the search process.

For Zack:

Zack has accepted an offer to work for our national affiliate, State Voices, where he will focus on building capacity for state tables, including the Nebraska Civic Engagement Table. In his new role as State Capacity Director for State Voices, Zack will continue to advocate for Nebraska on the national level. See Zack’s own words on his departure below.

Please contact Angie Remington with questions and concerns, and be sure to wish Zack well as he brings his passion and bad puns to the national stage.

Statement from our Board President, Katie Weitz, PhD

Zack is an ambitious founding leader, who took a carefully crafted work plan, executed it deftly, and added big ideas of his own. Zack took an agency with $400,000 annually to over a million dollars annually in just a few short years. He grew the Table from four full time staff to 11 and brought in interns, organizers, and over 80 members and partners. Zack is a leader who can create big opportunities, and safe spaces for hard conversations. He created a progressive, anti-oppression culture and workplace that is emulated far beyond Nebraska. We will miss him and his energy. We know he is going to do great things for our nation, and we are proud to have been part of his launch!

Statement from Zack

A little more than five years ago, I was an organizer from Norfolk with big ideas, too many hand gestures, and impeccable comedic timing. While none of that has changed, this job has given me so much more. The community we built is a direct answer to the partisan power hoarding institutions that have stunted progress in our state for decades. The relationships that we built will have a place in my heart for the rest of my life. I honestly don’t know if any job, role, or adventure will ever be as meaningful, impactful, and transformative as what I had the privilege of doing these past five years. 

Thank you to the original steering committee for taking a chance on an organizer from Norfolk to implement the vision you formed together. 

Thank you to each and every board member I have had the opportunity to learn from and grow with over the years. 

Thank you to our funders who embraced and invested in a new type of power building, one based on trust and relationships that are only accessible by our state’s nonprofit community. 

Thank you to our 82 members and partners. Your commitment to equity, justice, and building lasting power in your communities is what made this idea a reality. The best part of this job was getting to know you through 1:1s, dinner times, and member meetings. I will truly miss that aspect of my role the most. 

Thank you to the staff, current and former, of the Nebraska Table. You were asked to create something that had never been tried before in our state and you responded with enthusiasm, heart, and passion for the work. I learned more from you than I can possibly say. I am so grateful to work with this team of dreamers and changemakers. 

Please know that this isn’t a goodbye. It’s a see you later. I am excited to share your stories, wins, and ideas nationally. I look forward to celebrating not only our accomplishments over the last five years but the tremendous opportunities and successes that are possible for the next five. I am excited to share that Angie Remington has been named Interim Executive Director by our Board. Angie has been here since the very beginning, and you can rest assured that the organization we all care so much about is in good hands. 

In short, you are amazing and I am going to miss you so very much. 

In gratitude, 


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