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Sponsors of a Medicaid expansion initiative said Monday that they are well on track to collect enough signatures to place the issue on the November general election ballot.

"For six years, we have tried to pass a proposal in the Legislature," said Meg Mandy, campaign manager for Insure the Good Life.

Now, she said, it's time to allow the people of Nebraska to decide.

LINCOLN — Nebraska has been freed from federal court oversight after fixing problems that had delayed food assistance to needy families.

U.S. District Judge John Gerrard last month ordered the termination of a class action lawsuit after state officials met the terms of a settlement agreement.

LINCOLN, Neb. – New analysis by the Associated Press found a TransCanada political action committee gave more than $65,000 to Nebraska campaigns within the past year, including $25,000 to Gov. Pete Ricketts' campaign, $15,000 to the Nebraska Republican Party and another $25,000 to state legislators.

Jane Kleeb, president of the group Bold Alliance, says TransCanada knows that property owners think the company's Keystone XL pipeline project is too risky.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and House Ag Chairman Mike Conaway disagree over payment limits for farm program payments. The proposed House Farm Bill does not contain those limits while Senator Grassley is pushing for them in the Senate version. The Center for Rural Affairs supports payment limits. The Center’s Policy Program Associate Anna Johnson says the House farm legislation fails to address the need for payment limits.

Hastings, Nebraska — A program to help community engagement is hoping to make central Nebraska communities more inclusive.

The Center for Rural Affairs presented the Seeding Civity Program in Hastings on Tuesday.

The program featured speakers Malka Kopell and Palma Strand, they focused on connecting community leaders and businesses with under represented members of the community.

Records maintained by the Nebraska Department of Corrections reveal that its execution team trained on five dates since the beginning of last year, and a specialized execution escort team trained on four dates.

ACLU of Nebraska filed a public-records request to find out what training members of the team have had in preparation for carrying out an execution.

The Lincoln City Council unanimously approved an revised inter-local agreement that would fund school safety objectives at a meeting last night. The agreement would pay for six new resource officers and Lincoln Middle Schools, community learning center after school programs and additional mental health services for LPS students.

Not everyone is pleased with more resource officers in the school system. Executive Director for the ACLU of Nebraska, Danielle Conrad, tells KLIN’s Coby Mach on Drive Time Lincoln the ACLU of Nebraska, the N.A.A.C.P and many community leaders fear the effect disciplinary action by officers will have on students.

(Ames) -- Farmers and small business owners who want to embrace renewable energy will not get any help from the federal government under the proposed farm bill headed to the U.S. House of Representatives this week.

Funding for the Rural Energy Assistance Program (REAP) has been eliminated in the current draft.

Center for Rural Affairs continued its mission on May 17 of educating underserved populations consisting of Latinos, women and veterans through its Beginning Latino Farmer classes catered for people who are interested in diving into the farming industry.

LYONS, Neb. – Consumer demand for organically produced goods is growing across the U.S., with organic sales accounting for more than 4 percent of total food sales.

The Center for Rural Affairs takes a look at this expanding industry in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska, with three fact sheets, "Organic agriculture: consumer demand and economic opportunity" released Tuesday.

COLUMBUS – Centro Hispano recently expanded its immigration services with the addition of Jeremy Roose, rural capacity building attorney from Immigrant Legal Center, on its legal team.

“A lot of what we do for individuals here is to help them secure their status but also to unify them with their families,” Roose said.

A number of wind power projects are being planned and proposed across the northern plains.

Most of those projects need approval at the county level before they can get state and federal permission.

Lucas Nelsen, a program policy associate at the Center for Rural Affairs (in Lyons Nebraska), says many counties don’t have the expertise to come up with rules and policies...

Get out the vote (GOTV) efforts, whether partisan party-driven or community-based, are a staple of American politics. In this messy mosaic of interests, attitudes and demographics, you may regard voting as solemn civic duty or why-bother-it's-rigged hassle.

Whether viewed as endorsement, protest, act of hope or futile gesture, your vote is coveted, if not always counted, as with some provisional ballots following a change of residence.

COLUMBUS – Over the course of four years, Columbus experienced an increase in Latino-owned businesses which directly reflects the development of diversity and community growth.

John Cartier, the director of voting rights at Civic Nebraska said they currently have around 60 volunteers, which isn't enough for the expected 70-80 polling locations for the May 15 primary election.

"Since the presidential election in 2000, there was a need discovered of making sure that there is a 3rd party independent observer in different polling locations across the country during our more important elections," he said.

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